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Support the PROTECT IP Act


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

IATSE members are hard at work every day creating the best creative content in the world.  Our motion pictures and television productions are enjoyed around the globe, and the jobs they provide have enabled many of us to fulfill our passions while providing a good middle class living for ourselves and our families.

However, for decades our industry has been challenged by those who would steal our content and repackage and redistribute it for their own personal profit. And despite the best efforts of the industry and law enforcement, with higher broadband speeds and cheaper digital storage- digital theft is a greater threat today than ever before. Blockbuster films are being distributed worldwide on peer-to-peer networks and illegal streaming sites on their opening weekends; and legal streaming of television shows are often times being overwhelmed by illegal streaming sources.

This digital theft is the single largest threat ever faced by our industry. It has a corrosive effect on reinvestment and job creation. It undermines our pension and health benefits. Left unchecked, it will have widespread and profound economic repercussions on our members and their livelihoods.

Now is the time for action. We must join together to fight back against those who seek to wrongfully profit for our work. The IATSE has been working closely together with the Obama administration and Congress to assure the government continues the fight against digital theft. We are also collaborating with the industry and our sister unions and guilds to make sure our concerns are heard in Washington and beyond.  Now I call upon you to join the battle.

Recently, the Senate introduced the PROTECT IP bill which will provide more effective methods to stop the operators of websites dedicated to stealing content. This bill targets the worst of the worst- those operators who establish infringing sites in foreign countries and often beyond the reach of US law enforcement.

Today, I am asking every member of the IATSE to send a message to their Senator asking them to support the passage of a strong bill that will slow the onslaught of  digital theft and help to protect our jobs.

For your convenience, I have included a link to an analysis of the bill and the bill itself. Please click on the “Take Action” link to contact your Senator about this important issue.

In the coming weeks, I will continue to update you on the growing threat of digital theft and provide you with opportunities to make your voices heard in Washington D.C. on the important matters affecting you and your family.

In Solidarity,

Matthew D. Loeb

International President

 Click Here for an In-Depth Explanation on this issue (PDF)

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